SUBNATION and Amazon GameOn Partner With The Q For a Live Game at E3


In 2018 E3 partnered with Big Block Capital Group and big brands such as Volkswagen Jetta, Plantronics, and Amazon’s GameOn unit to launch a unique media platform known as SUBNATION, in an attempt to bring together gaming and esports with lifestyle brands. The goal was to bring live experiences to attendees, from appearances by known indie artists to a live performance by DeadMau5.


SUBNATION was looking to bring live trivia elements as a way to not only add to their portfolio of experiences at the conference, but also as a way to spread brand awareness and distribute prizes. 


The Q Partnered with SUBNATION and Amazon GameOn to bring a fully live trivia experience to the attendees of E3.  Our team brought our mobile camera setup (including host Ian Fay) to E3 to host games live on the conference floor.  Our team also created and oversaw custom graphic elements to make the experience shine.


Across 3 action-packed days, The Q was able to add the necessary hype that SUBNATION was looking for, bringing exposure to over 100,000 viewers for its brand and the various sponsors involved.  The Q still continues to collaborate with SUBNATION and it’s partners for various other activations.