The Q Goes International with News Corp UK Partnership


News Corp UK sought to increase their advertising inventory by reaching a larger audience. The Q was able to provide this extra advertising inventory by white labeling its product for use by News Corp UK, allowing them to create all of their own content specific to the platform. With support from The Q’s home base in the US, Q Live was launched.


News Corp UK was looking for new ways to engage with their audience across the UK and open up additional ad inventory for their existing advertisers to get in front of a hyper-engaged audience.


By white labeling The Q’s Administration Platform and providing on-site training for the News Corp UK team, The Q was able to provide a new avenue by which News Corp UK could capitalize on increased audience engagement and revenue by hosting daily trivia games. There are time slots in which advertising partners may choose to purchase a game focused on their brand. These brand-specific games allow for more opportunities to sell advertisements and, in turn, generate more advertising revenue.


Q Live has provided a popular platform on which users are enthusiastic to participate. Brands have been able to capitalize on this large user base and reach a bigger audience.